GRAVIDI Digital Media Authoring Tool

Increase Viewer Engagement with Truly Immersive Experiences

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Embed any kind of live content within your videos — from website links and APIs to PowerPoints and quizzes

GRAVIDI's patented technology transforms video into an interactive and engaging experience

Create Dynamic In-Line Content

Embed live content anywhere inside a video, providing viewers with additional relevant content without leaving the video experience.

Add clickable hotspots

Add information about an object in a video or embed a link from an object to a website. Hotspots are also trackable, so they can follow the action of any object on the screen.


Enable deep access

Insert tags and keywords at any point, enabling visibility to search engines through SEO, social sharing of content inside a video, and new ways to manage, index and access video assets.

GRAVIDI is fully mobile

Create, edit and publish from any device

GRAVIDI’s technology is flexible

GRAVIDI is built in HTML5 with the Bootstrap framework. Our authoring tools can be served as a standalone system or embedded on client-side servers, while the interactive video player is designed to render across all desktop and mobile devices and is platform agnostic.

In short, GRAVIDI’s platform plugs into any website, content delivery network, or Learning Management System, and you can plug virtually any kind of file or content into your videos with GRAVIDI.

Recent clients


…. what GRAVIDI does best is delivering content that tells, teaches and creates change.

Mark O'Hare

CEO, Security First Corp

… combining GRAVIDI’s proven, interactive video technology with our workflow capabilities, enables our customers to deliver a whole new level of patient engagement, education and collaboration.

Phil Newman

CEO, ViiMed

Now that I have seen GRAVIDI at work, I can’t wait to use the technology to increase fund raising and visibility here at the Stem Cell Center.

Dr. Curt Civin, MD

Center for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, University of Maryland

GRAVIDI’s creative team are extremely responsive and flexible …

Jon Fitzgerald

Executive Director, Hollywood Film Festival

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