GRAVIDI Platform Features

Embed any kind of live content within your videos

The GRAVIDI authoring toolset enables you to insert a wide variety of files, links or APIs at multiple points within a video. The additional content can appear in a window next to the video, below the video, or as a pop-up on top of the video. Videos can stop automatically to allow the viewer time to respond to the content or continue playing.

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations Include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Prezi presentations, Google Docs, PDFs, images, etc.

Clickable Hotspots Add information about an object in a video or embed a link from an object to a website. Hotspots are also trackable, so they can follow the action of any object on the screen.

Quizzes, polls or surveys Assess viewer knowledge or engage with consumers, by embedding quizzes, polls or surveys at any place in a video.

Live content Include links to websites, insert APIs, games, social media feeds, or any kind of custom embed.

Enable access deep inside your videos

The ability to add tags and keywords anywhere along the video timeline opens up access to your content in ways that weren’t possible before. Publish sitemaps and use SEO to drive search traffic, enable viewers on social media to share access to specific points in a video, and, on the backend, have far more granular control of your video assets.

Add tags and keywords Micro-indexing of individual segments within a video provides a new level of access to and control of your video assets

Search Engine Optimization Drive search engine traffic to specific points within any video, enabling highly targeted exposure of your video assets that was never possible before.

Enable social sharing It’s now simple for viewers to share access to specific, relevant moments inside any video on any social media service.

Plus many more features

Real-time analytics

Our analytics dashboard monitors and captures true interaction rates in real time inside each video, providing measurable engagement data.

Add paywalls inside a video

Insert payment gateways for purchasing additional content or materials anywhere within a video.

GRAVIDI's platform is flexible

The authoring tools can be served either standalone or as an embeddable tool set. Access via our cloud platform or install on your own system.

Ideal for Projects and Teams

Create and build video projects with multiple creators, authors, and collaborators – a very efficient content creation process.

Fully Mobile Video Authoring

Content creators are able to work remotely, with full access to the authoring toolset from any mobile device.


A "White Label" Solution

GRAVIDI's video player and authoring tools can be easily "re-branded" for any client.


GRAVIDI is highly secure

Data sensitive clients have the option to protect their digital assets and content using patented SPxSHARC provably secure data encryption technology.

Build walled communities

Create hybrid-type environments for specific user groups, where some digital assets are public and the rest are private.

Easily translate your content

The GRAVIDI platform makes it simple to translate and deploy existing course materials in numerous languages globally.


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