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GRAVIDI makes it easy to create truly interactive eLearning experiences

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Embed any kind of file, link or social interaction anywhere within your video content

  • Insert quizzes, polls or surveys
  • Include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Prezis, PDFs, images, etc.
  • Add hotspots anywhere on screen that students can click for more information
  • Embed live content such as links to blogs, social feeds and discussion forums
  • Stop the video at any point to ensure students engage with the additional content

Collaborative instructional design

Create and build projects with multiple course designers and collaborators for a very efficient content creation process.

Works on Any Mobile Device

Edit, post and view video right from any mobile device. Ideal for today’s students who use mobile phones and tablets for their course work.

Create personalized course materials

With GRAVIDI’s platform, it’s easy for faculty to add personalized elements to standard course materials.

Easily translate your content

The GRAVIDI platform makes it simple to translate and deploy existing course materials in numerous languages globally.

Re-Purpose Licensed Content

It’s simple to embed additional content and mix it with already licensed video to create new and engaging course materials.

Provides real-time analytics

Our analytics dashboard monitors and captures interaction rates in real time, providing measurable engagement data.

Create a searchable ecosystem
Add tags and keywords anywhere within your videos. Ideal for digital asset management.

Includes a closed captioning tool
Easily add closed captions to any video. A great way to incorporate reading and literacy skills into any video assignment!

A “white label” solution
GRAVIDI’s video player and authoring tools can be easily “re-branded” for any client.

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