GRAVIDI Platform Overview

Interactive Video Player & Authoring Tool System

GRAVIDI’s interactive video authoring tool set is accessed through a web-based content management system. Served as a standalone system or as an embeddable tool set placed on client side servers, the system dynamically updates all underlining video content in real time. There is an installer for the platform and the system features an extension plugin system.

GRAVIDI’s integrated video player uses HTML 5 video technology and is designed to render across all desktop and mobile devices. Our flexible player is platform agnostic and can serve as a standalone embed on any website or partner page.

Data sensitive clients have the option to protect their digital assets and content using patented SPxSHARC provably secure data encryption technology that is certified to protect payments, cookies, tracking and meets HIPAA, FISMA, HITECH, and FERPA regulatory compliance requirements.

Embeddable APIs

The GRAVIDI platform infrastructure anticipates the need to embed not only the player but also the authoring tools using a standard embed code setup. Our API solution communicates with the host application and tech stack. We establish and handle a subset of common operations to be shared across multiple systems. We also support an API that allows hosting systems to extend our authoring tool with their own elements which will likely be represented as additional tools on an internal system toolbar. We can also provide some additional UI integration points, for instance on menus.

We have successfully completed several key full integrations of our authoring tools and player for our content partners. Through this tight integration our partners are able to leverage existing digital media assets without having to reload any additional materials.

Video Sourcing and Uploading

We support the option of supporting multiple resolutions and multiple file types, as well as provide the option to specify which resolutions/bitrates the transcoder will generate. Our upload manager exists to handle associated assets that need to be uploaded in conjunction with creating an object, such as images, graphics, files, etc. The upload manager features an extension system to enable integration of third-party (off-server) asset storage, including S3 upload, CDN support and third-party plugins for other storage solutions. For large uploads that require longer processing, the manager has been extended to work asynchronously and sends the user a notification when the upload and processing has been completed.

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