GRAVIDI makes it easy for teachers to create their own interactive video content

See It in Action

Increase student engagement and take your flipped classroom to a whole new level with GRAVIDI’s easy-to-use video authoring tools

  • Insert quizzes, polls or surveys

  • Include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, Prezis, PDFs, images, etc.

  • Add hotspots anywhere on screen that students can click for more information

  • Embed live content such as links to blogs, social feeds, and discussion forums

  • Stop the video at any point to ensure students engage with the additional content

GRAVIDI is flexible, too, and plays well
with virtually any software or technology that teachers are already using

GRAVIDI’s authoring tools were designed with educators in mind


Include Formative Assessments

Insert quizzes, tests and other interactions anywhere in a video. Easily find out what your students know and don’t know.

Works on Any Mobile Device

Edit, post and view video right from any mobile device. Ideal for 1-to-1 or BYOD tech initiatives in schools.

Ensure Kids are Actively Engaged

Materials created with GRAVIDI’s platform are engaging and interactive so videos are no longer a passive activity for students.

Provide a Walled Learning Environment

Students interact with the videos you want them to watch, unlike YouTube, where they are easily distracted by other videos, advertisements, inappropriate user comments, etc.

Track What Students Watch

Real-time analytics allows for easy tracking of every student and how they interact with each video.

Plugs into any LMS

The GRAVIDI platform is easily embeddable within every learning management system and works with single sign-on.

Create a searchable ecosystem
Add tags and keywords anywhere within your videos. Ideal for digital asset management.

Includes a closed captioning tool
Easily add closed captions to any video. A great way to incorporate reading and literacy skills into any video assignment!

Enable social collaborative learning
Place students in cohorts and easily create group projects.

It’s incredibly simple to share assignments with students, too!

GRAVIDI generates a unique URL for each video. Just send it out to the students and they can start engaging and responding.

Teachers and Students Love the GRAVIDI platform

It was more than a lesson. It was more than an assignment. It gave amazing information and gave the students a quick quiz to test not only their memory, but to see if they were paying attention. I love it!

We should definitely do more of these, not just in English but in every class. They make learning feel not like learning but like a nice treat for your brain!

I would advise you to tell the other teachers! The way it was a video with little questions here and there made the learning process not only easier but fun.

Discover just how easy it is to implement the GRAVIDI platform.

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