Publishers and Ad Agencies

Move beyond pre-roll and make your videos truly interactive and engaging

See It in Action

Add interactive elements and enable social interactions within your videos

  • Measure audience engagement and campaign effectiveness with polls or surveys

  • Insert calls to action

  • Create live links from objects to a website

  • Draw on a video to call attention to an action

  • Add games

  • Enable social sharing of elements and objects in any video

Insert ads, promotions and sponsored content anywhere within a video

Create more opportunities for ad sales and promotions

  • Increase brand awareness with micro-sponsorship campaigns
  • Embed subscription offers, email newsletter signups and coupons
  • Add clickable hotspots that link directly to product purchase or information
  • Run A/B tests of in-line content and dynamically reorganize placement of any elements

Plugs right in to your existing work flow

  • Insert content programmatically, via APIs or manually
  • Integrates with existing ad stacks
  • Works with all programmatic ad programs and existing pre-roll inventory
  • Plays well with all video content management systems

Enable access deep inside your videos

Add tags and keywords

Micro-indexing of individual segments within a video provides a new level of access to and control of your video assets

Search Engine Optimization

Drive search engine traffic to specific points within any video, enabling highly targeted exposure of your video assets that was never possible before.

Enable social sharing

It’s now simple for viewers to share access to specific, relevant moments inside any video on any social media service.

Real-time analytics

Our analytics dashboard monitors and captures interaction rates in real time, providing measurable engagement data.

Ideal for Production and Editorial Teams

Create and build projects with multiple producers, editors and contributors.

Fully Mobile Authoring

Content creators are able to work remotely, with full access to the authoring toolset from any mobile device.


"White Label" Solution

GRAVIDI’s video player and authoring tools can be easily “re-branded” for any client.

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