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Increase fan engagement and create more revenue opportunities with GRAVIDI

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Embed promotions, ads and merchandising anywhere in a video

Insert ads, promotions and sponsor messages at multiple locations in a video, not just pre-roll

Promote ticket sales right from within a video with an API

Sell more merchandise by linking directly from any point in a video to an item online

Insert clickable hotspots where viewers can click right on the video to purchase an item

Increase fan engagement by adding interactive elements inside your videos

Embed polls and surveys

Get fans interacting as they watch videos and without having to leave the video experience.

Include player and team statsistics

Embed stats and other information at relevant points in any video via API or manually.


Draw anywhere on a video

Call attention to an object or action. A great way to call attention to a hard-to-see play.

Enable access deep inside your videos

Add tags and keywords

Micro-indexing of individual segments within a video provides a new level of access to and control of your video assets

Search Engine Optimization

Drive search engine traffic to specific points within any video, enabling highly targeted exposure of your video assets that was never possible before.

Enable social sharing

It’s now simple for viewers to share access to specific, relevant moments inside any video on any social media service.


GRAVIDI is flexible, too

GRAVIDI’s video authoring tools can be served either as a standalone system or as an embeddable object placed on client-side servers.


Fully mobile video authoring

Content creators are able to work remotely, with full access to the authoring toolset from any mobile device.


Works with your existing ad systems

Plugs into existing ad systems. Keep your current pre-roll ads, if you’re using them, and simply add to them with the functionality of the Gravidi platform.


Get detailed analytics on your videos

Track consumption and user interaction with every video element that is viewed or clicked on.


Plays well with all video content management systems

GRAVIDI’s platform is simple to embed and plays nicely with other systems.


Every video becomes a dynamic resource

Update any of the content or links within a video on-the-fly with APIs.

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